Airport System

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Sincerely, Gábor Talabos

28. september 2012

Dear Owners and Pilots,

Pleased be advised that airport category has changed to class IV. non public airport from the 1st of August 2012.


Runway section between threshold 14 and taxiway A3 is closed. Warning buoys located at A3 intersection.

Runway available is limited to section between taxiway A1 and A3.

New airport rules in english according to the status change are to be published soon.

Mr.Gábor Talabos

9. January 2012

Dear Owners and Pilots,

Pleased be informed that for the 2012 year the storage fee will not change.

Tököl as a non-public airfield will shortly change to a category IV.airport. After that you will receive the new airport rules according to the status change.

Regarding the present storage agreement the Master Sky kindly ask you to comply and fulfil according to the storage agreement. Customers with debt to several months their aircraft will be removed from the hangar.

The occasion of the new year I wish you a happy and event-free new year.

Mr. Gábor Talabos

31. december 2011

Airport Handling Fees

Updated Airport Handling Fees at (valid from 01.01.2012) Services area!

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Appaloosa Communication Group Kft.

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